3 Business Plans

It should clearly state the specific request(s) you are making with your business plan and what your company brings to the table should the request be fulfilled by the reader.

A Summary Business Plan is a much shorter document that highlights the most important information about your business and its direction.

An Operational Business Plan is intended for internal usage in an ongoing business.

A Complete Business Plan is necessary when you are seeking a significant amount of funding or want to give your external reader a full picture of your business.

It is your master blueprint to which you tie your budgets and departmental plans.

The key elements of the operational plan are the Company Direction, supported by sound plans for Products/Services, Marketing/Sales and Finance/ Administration. Get more value from our Combo plans with discounts on devices and the flexibility to layer data add-ons, XO plans with up to 70GB of local data and affordable SIM Only plans with short or no contracts and without device purchase. ","theme":"dark","link Url":"","hide For":"","mobile Img Height":"super-tall","appsmodel":,"background Image":,"show Description On Mobile":true,"is Button2":false,"open Modal":false,"pmodal Data":"","open Modal2":false,"pmodal Data2":"","first Link New Tab":false,"second Link New Tab":false,"logo Img1":,"logo Img2":,"play Btn Img":,"alignment":"align-text-left"}"To find out what mobile monthly rates you may enjoy, call 1800-SME-1111 (1800-763-1111) to enquire today. To ensure that the activities of some users do not impair the ability of Customers to have access to reliable services, this service is conditional on fair usage by Customers.\r\n\r\n**Excess local data usage is charged at the rate of .70/GB and capped at 8/month.It is used primarily by the management team, board of directors and your high-level professional advisors.It’s excellent for focusing and aligning the efforts of key managers toward common company goals, and therefore should be updated at least annually.The Complete plan can range from 15 to 40 pages or more.Here you need to explain your business concept in detail to potential backers, strategic partners, or potential buyers of your company.Tim Berry introduces the situational analysis and discusses both internal and external forces that will help you determine your course. Hotel closures might reduce traffic, and catering is a new business opportunity. The most important element of your situation analysis is your own market. Finally, make sure that you understand your competitive advantage.Defining your market is a key part of this process. You really need to know your market, and that's where you get amazing benefits from business planning even for the ongoing company without the need to take a business plan to the bank or get investors. This may be similar to core competency and maybe not depending on the way you play your business.It should make clear the specific request(s) you are making of your reader and the purpose of the request.It is ideal when your request is simple or minimal, when you are strapped for time, or when you want to give your reader a preview of your business plan, to gauge if they would have sufficient interest to see your Complete plan. A Summary plan is also effective for small to moderate bank loans, attracting key employees, or for persuading friends and relatives to invest a few thousand dollars.


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