4 Grade Math Problems

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In case of the following, replace the stars (*) by correct digits.

4th grade math test will help the students to practice the questions based on different topics under fourth grade math activities.

What is the sum of 4072 and the difference of 8278? Find the number which is:(i) 53172 more than 64278(ii) 53172 less than 64278(iii) 1872 more than 23265(iv) 1872 less than 23265 4. It supplies 15,625 litres of milk to a milk-depot and the rest to the market.

(i) Which number should be added to 25483 to get the sum of 65785?

It sends a bad message.\u003c/strong\u003e The most important strategy when solving a problem is to make sense of the problem and to think.

Key words encourage students to ignore meaning and look for a formula.

These fourth grade math practice sheets provide additional questions to increase the knowledge and prompt the child to achieve excellence in the subjects.

Homeschoolers can also enjoy practicing these sheets.

There are 35,278 students in Class III, 32,184 students in Class IV and 25,375 students in Class V in the schools of a city.

He gave $ 50,753 to his wife and $ 75,928 to his son.


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