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The interpretation of the message of William Faulkners A Rose for Emily.Why is William Faulkners A Rose for Emily considered to be a shocking literary masterpiece?The plot is structured in a definite interesting way in order to emphasize certain moments and open logical consequences corresponding to the authors view of the story.

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Why does William Faulkner use flashbacks to reinforce the message of the novel?

How is the question of morality brought up within the story?

At the age of thirty she had little chance to be picky however, since her father had very successfully chased away any possible suitors long ago.

Just as the town gossips had decided that Miss Emily and Homer really were to be...

The development of the plot has a lot to do with the authors belief that a person that has not got enough love may even be dangerous.

The author shows that love is the most valuable thing a person might get.

William Faulkner's Underwood Universal Portable sits in his office at Rowan Oak, which is now maintained by the University of Mississippi in Oxford as a museum. Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567755410"The arsenic is a planted hint to what will come as Miss Emily's secret is found out in the end of the story.

The arsenic was used to kill Miss Emily's beau, Homer Barron.

Entering the drug store Miss Emily asks for poison, the stronger the better.

Under the druggist's questioning, Miss Emily implies that the arsenic was meant for her rat problem (Faulkner III).


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