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or middle ground, balance and moderation provide a path to peace and prosperity for both Palestinians and Israelis.The Middle East region has suffered tremendously in the last decade from violent extremism that I believe is a result of an “empathy deficiency” for the “other,” improperly characterized as the “enemy.” I am disturbed by political and religious violence in general, and specifically the present extremist discourse that exists among Muslims, which is fueled by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Today, denormalization activists demand the severing all contact between Israelis and Palestinians, even though they realize that this is neither practical nor realistic.

Dajani notes, “The Israeli policies in general are not similar to those practiced by the white regime that prevailed in South Africa during the Apartheid period, and thus the claim that Israel is an apartheid state does not hold.

Israel does not claim ‘superiority of race,’ and does not practice ‘denial’ of basic human rights to a group of people because of their alleged racial and ethnic inferiority.” Rather, as Dajani has reiterated in public forums, “The problem is not apartheid, but occupation as part of a political conflict.

The focus of our work also extends to the political realm.

The problem of extremism has carried into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has created political and religious discord and disengagement for both sides and the region for over half a century.

In this article, Professor Mohammed Dajani Daoudi explores the importance of reconciliation and normalization between Palestinians and Israelis.

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Dajani also elucidates his rejection of the common accusation by Palestinian leaders who brand Israel an apartheid state demanding the severing of all ties with Israel.

The assault was orchestrated by denormalization activists who rejected a visit by Dajani and a group of Palestinian students to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland in March 2014.

( The coexistence, reconciliation and ultimately “normalization” of relations between Israelis and Palestinians on individual, community, organizational, and state levels are key steps in shaping our shared future.

To justify violence against Jews and Israelis, Palestinian extremists have misinterpreted the text and terms of the Koran.

Likewise, some extremist Israelis have also misinterpreted the words of the Jewish Torah to commit violent acts against Palestinian civilians and to justify the continued occupation and confiscation of Palestinian lands.


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