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Irregular heartbeat is described as an arrhythmia, an abnormal rhythm of the heart (just remember 'a' for 'arrhythmia' and 'abnormal').

AICDs are one of the methods used to treat arrhythmia.

The doctor then inserts a catheter, which is a thin tube, into a blood vessel underneath their collarbone.

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The AICD wire (electrode) is then fed through the catheter, into the blood vessel, until it reaches the heart.You watch the wire slowly move towards the heart through X-ray imagery, which helps the doctor visualize and guide the wire.Next, the wire is attached to the body of the AICD, and the device is implanted under the skin, typically near the collarbone.The expansions of Battlefield 4 introduce dozens of new Assignments, functioning in the same manner as those featured in the base game.Upon completion, they unlock new weapons, gadgets, or camouflages for use in-game.The intense shocks are called defibrillation and are meant to jolt the heart back into a normal rhythm. For example, if you have already suffered from a heart attack, an AICD may be recommended.Additionally, if you have congenital heart disease or other heart-related syndromes, your doctor may suggest the device.Now, imagine that your heartbeat was trailing behind your intensity.Maybe instead the opposite was happening too: a low intensity workout pushing your heartbeat to a disturbingly high level.No matter the reason, AICDs are a backup to your heart, providing a cushion in case of an emergency.Because of its relatively small size (about the size of a watch face), the placement of the AICD does not require major surgery, and recovery time is minimal.


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