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Nouns in the for Bear vein are best, being easiest for beginners to decipher by looking at the accompanying picture.

Showing both common and unusual items from the produce section (Swiss chard, spinach, starfruit), Ehlert’s brightly colored collage illustrations make even ugli fruit look appealing.

(This book could also serve double duty by challenging children to find and taste new foods.) V for Vanishing by Patricia Mullins is another enticing theme book with collage illustrations showing endangered species.

It’s much more interesting to find those letters in the world around you. Johnson and Zoran Milich both provide this chance, showing letters found in cityscapes.

Johnson’s Alphabet City employs spectacularly photorealistic paintings, some of which require a sharp eye to spot the letter.

Thus, “R” is for Django Reinhardt (illustrated invitingly with smoke curling from the cigarette in his lips beneath a pencil-thin moustache as he plays his guitar), and “G” is for Dexter Gordon (a straight-head presence on the page, either just getting ready to play or just finishing).

On the lefthand page of each spread are a few sentences from Neil, such as his comment on Billie Holiday: , Joe Zawinul composed the title cut. I later learned that he was picked to participate the night before the recording session, and was asked to “bring music.” is in Neil’s images of these 26 jazz stalwarts.Include a personalized message with your beautifully packaged present.An inspirational and convenient gift delivered right to their door.A baby might be partial to mashed peas, a toddler to plain pasta, and a six-year-old may prefer the textural complexity of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.The child who is still learning to recognize and name letters doesn’t want to be overwhelmed, while one who has mastered this trick is looking for a little more action and maybe even a bit of a challenge.Milich’s black-and-white photos in his City ABC Book offer a little more help for beginners by overlaying red to emphasize each letter.Neither book attempts to tie the shapes to words that begin with those letters. In the now-classic Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Bill Martin Jr.Trying to figure out what makes a good alphabet book is like determining what makes a good meal for a child.It’s a matter of taste as well as developmental maturity.Brian Floca’s The Racecar Alphabet satisfies the need for speed, and Bob Mc Leod’s Super Hero ABC is full of muscles, Lycra, and unexpected humor. There are plenty of books that simply incorporate humor into the art, like Satoshi Kitamura’s From Acorn to Zoo.“Huge Man is Happy to Help Heroes and never Harms Humans,” but “He’s not exactly Handsome . The reader is asked twenty-six questions, such as “Who plays the violin like a virtuoso?


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