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Hemp fiber and silk were used to make paper but the quality was far from satisfactory.The first paper factory in Europe was set up in Spain.

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The think the invention of paper was one of the most useful and greatly contributed to the spread and development of civilization.

Before its invention, bones, tortoise shells, and bamboo slips were all used as writing surfaces, but as Chinese civilization developed they proved themselves unsuitable because of their bulk and weight.

Ancient inventions from the Chinese have so greatly accelerated human progress that everything following them seems to be built on the foundation that was provided by these early inventions.

I think it is safe to say that no other ancient cultures have contributed more to the advancements of human progress than the Chinese.

Ten of the most useful contributions or inventions created by the Chinese porcelain, which is a very specific kind of ceramic produced by the extreme temperatures of a kiln, the seed drill, which is used to plant seeds into the soil and cover it, the mechanical clock, and gun powder.

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Other significant contributions from the ancient Chinese include the compass, paper, the harness for horses, iron plows, and row planting.

We take a lot of things for granted in the modern world.

As time progresses, it becomes easier to overlook the contributions of those who came before us.

This paper making process made it possible to create everything from paper money to reading books.

I thought it was pretty neat to learn that the recipe for paper still exists!


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