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So the mutant mice, they don't have, they have some, they're lacking genes that control circadian rhythm, but under L12: D12, they don't need the genetic circadian patterns, the genetically-influenced ones, because they get the ones from their environment, the light and the darkness.

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And then the second one is, if you're more likely to be eaten, then you're less likely to reproduce.

If, actually that should be capital I, if, if the mouse is more likely to be eaten by being active during the day, then it is less likely to reproduce, then it is less likely to reproduce.

The theorem states that frequencies of alleles and genotypes will stay the same as long as the gametes are contributed to the next population at random. Because the genetic code is redundant, point mutations in genes may have little effect because they do not alter proteins amino acids. DNA is introduced to a new genome through activity of transposable elements.

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is the condition describing a non-evolving population (one that is in genetic equilibrium). Use the blank diagram below to relate the H-W equation to a Punnett square. The two broad processes that make evolution possible are mutation and sexual recombination. A reason for this is that much DNA in eukaryotic genomes do not code for protein products. Gene duplication Duplications, deletion and rearrangement of chromosome segments are almost always harmful but if it leaves that gene intact it may be neutral and in rare cases beneficial.

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However, this condition only exists under certain conditions which do not apply to the majority of populations. New genes may also come to be when the coding portion of a gene or exon is shuffled within the genome. Sexual Recombination Sexual recombination shuffles the alleles in the gene pool.

This appears to be a contradiction to evolution because it seems to say populations will never change. If the duplicated segment does not have a negative effect it can continue over generations providing an expanded genome that may take on new function.

Mouse, then, then the mouse is more likely to be eaten, eaten if it is active during the day, if it is active during the day.

And if it is, I guess you could say that's one, that's one feature of our model, that you're just more likely to be eaten if you're active when the birds are hunting.


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