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Now, let’s consider the following tips for making citations correctly in various academic styles. Also, add a date when you accessed the dissertation. The most significant contrast consists of a system of bibliography and endnotes/footnotes that Chicago uses.APA (American Psychological Association) is most often used in the area of social sciences to cite various types of texts, including dissertations. Here is how to cite a thesis or dissertation using the MLA style: Last name, First name M. Also, each letter of the title should be capitalized. Example: Company, Leyla, “Examining Differentiating Characteristics Individuals Who Cross Over Into The Criminal Justice System In Relation To Their Substance Abuse Treatment.” Thesis, Georgia State University, 2017.Remember to use title case for dissertation titles, which means you should capitalize each name in the title, except for articles, conjunctions, prepositions, and the infinitive ‘to.’ For the document title, use sentence case. Evaluation of psychology clinicians’ attitudes towards computerized cognitive behavior therapy, for use in their future clinical practice, with regard to treating those suffering from anxiety and depression. To follow Chicago style citation guides, use this structure: Last, First M. As you can see, there are various styles you can use to cite your dissertation. It depends on your field and instructions of your tutor.

Below are some examples of how to reference these common source types.

Be careful to note the differences in how APA handles publication names, depending on whether your source is a book or a periodical.

The DOI is a digital object identifier, which is a numeric or alpha-numeric string of characters that provide a unique link to the original source.

While urls to a specific article may change over time, DOIs are regarded as stable and long lasting, making them the preferred method for linking digital resources.

You should never ignore them, especially when you’d like to mention somebody’s work in your paper.

Check out our “how to write a thesis for a research paper” material.

While writing a dissertation, you explore and examine the area of your interest and show the understanding of your subject.

The result of your studies and research is the dissertation itself.

A journal may be paginated by volume and issue, or only by volume.

If the journal does not assign issue numbers, you may simply use the volume number.


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