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The Arab Spring that Anthony and I had been reporting on hadn’t yet achieved any of the changes I, along with millions of Arabs, had longed for, but many of us still believed that it would. He was born in the United States to Lebanese parents.

I grew up in Lebanon, during its civil war, in a politically savvy family and had decided to become a journalist largely because I wanted to be a part of the national conversation.

Different from the prior movements and uprisings that were organised and directed by a chief leader, the insurrections in Arab Spring was structurally changed that started by a mass of the online connected young people. Social media is not the strategy that sparked or guaranteed the revolution, but it vitally contributed to the spread of movements.

The Internet and social media first empowered the young people to stimulate the uprisings, whi...

Obama and since then policy analysts have echoed the same theme.

Comparisons to the post-communist transitions can help to dispel the assertion that people in the air region are incapable of democracy for that this particular area of the world is unique.There words a visible lag between the top and the bottom earners.In both regions and educated middle-class had started to grow and increase travel and access to other forms of media allow younger generations to better educate themselves to the west and the freedoms and prosperity that it provided.Soon their hypocrisy is transparent and people no longer want to bear the affronts to human dignity.Both the Arab leadership and the pre-1989 Communist governments had created an economy that failed to provide their citizens with the quality of life they expected.By the time of the rally, I had witnessed my country’s destruction, rehabilitation and descent back into instability and uncertainty.The Lebanese war officially ended in 1990, but the nation remained deeply divided and extremely precarious.By the time the revolts in both regions had taken place the widespread disillusionment about the official regime and the government.In many cases government and state to shins will become corrupt and when they no longer provide adequate public services citizens become abused and humiliated.The Arab Spring has impacted multiple countries in northern Africa and the Arab world and so far since the end of December in 2010, leading to the fall of the government in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Among the unarmed insurrections, social media and social networking technology functioned as a new strategy that empowered the protesters to gain successful uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt and inspired grassroots movements in other Arab countries.


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