Argumentative Essay On Standardized Testing

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Knowing where standardized testing came from and what were the motivations for its growth, may help in understanding and perhaps in being able to use the results of standardized tests to improve teaching and learning.This article serves as an overview of the history and current realities of standardized testing.These readers may adapt the standardized instructions that the students receive.

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They are assessments OF learning that are too infrequent, broad in focus, and slow in returning results to inform the ongoing array of daily decisions.

But this does not mean that these tests are without purpose or value.

Therefore, the second and third requirements of standardized testing are no longer strongly in effect.

There are other forms of standardized testing that are available other than multiple-choice questions, for example, essay writing.

They can communicate valuable information about students’ achievement status to other decision makers (pp. This relatively rational statement could be considered a definition of the battle lines that have been drawn up between those who are proponents of standardized tests and those against them.

The intent in standardized testing is to have large numbers of students write a single test, then to compare any single score against all others to see how an individual’s score compares to the large sample.

The second requirement of standardized tests is also frequently adapted.

Students with reading problems can get “readers” to read the questions.

Then they must engage in the time-consuming activity of reading the essays.

Even with the training assessors can give significantly different grades to an essay.


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