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The story never said she was ugly, or that anyone ever told her she was ugly. Information on Oliver Sacks' book The Island of the Colorblind.

To the seeing eye Emily was beautiful, but what did her family believe, her mother? more useful if we explore exactly the points of knowing and not knowing which are significant for the audience of the Harrowing.

She was thought to be "homely" for many years, but she was now beautiful to the seeing eye (73).

The seeing eyes were scarce or nonexistent, which included her mother.

“The Man with the Blue Guitar” is a long poem that allows Stevens to change perspectives and create abstract realities.

Parataxis in such a long poem allows for the decreation of reality and the relation of imagination.

Did they think that beauty was a carbon copy of Shirley temple? The virtual awareness that the Harrowing is "rigged" becomes impertinent in comparison to the consequence of knowing the narrative as sacred -- as authorized and privileged text of doctrinal truth. 1996), the function of art is "to destabilise fixed ideas and existing identities; to help us find a new way of seeing, of hearing, of thinking, of feeling.…And to find from those experiences new ways of experiencing our Assignment # 1— Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano History shows that both Africans and African Americans alike faced unique problems prior to and during the 1800's, particularly prior to 1865.

Emily's beauty continued to remain unseen to the rest of the world and herself. Information about colorblindness and color deficiencies. Color wheel images used in this paper were taken from this site. By seeing what they know, the members of the audience affirm their own knowing -- that is their own ). One such problem is the issue of Diaspora and how culture and slavery has affected the choice of religion.

The situational context and your perceptual "set".3. The visual context, and the patterning of the elements in the visual field.

To Perceive: As human we attempt to make sense of, or find meaning in, this sensory raw material by creating the simplest disturbance [punctum].


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