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They worry that they would have nothing to show for it if they only spend a few minutes each day sketching.Well, if you carry out this sketchbook assignment, you'll end up with an intricate and inspiring grid full of art - a sizable achievement accomplished in little steps!

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The memories are crisp and specific, triggered by these simple 10-15 minute drawings.

This sketchbook assignment is great because there is very little pressure involved.

Or how about spending 10-15 minutes each day drawing on a small, 2" x 2" piece of paper.

After a month, you will have 30 or so small drawings that you can stitch together to create a handmade art book. Some people don't draw (as much as they would like to) because they think they don't have enough time.

Here's another idea: cut out each square of the grid and make a collage, or paste them onto handmade paper: Another idea is to create a painting in this manner.

Divide a canvas into different sections, and work on one section per day. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.Sketchbooks should be a source of creativity and joy for students.They should engage them on a deep level and provide a space for them to discover who they are, allow them to take risks, experiment with a range of mediums and materials, and explore their identity.One of the most meaningful activities that I can bring into a classroom is the sketchbook.Sketchbooks are one of those things that can be extremely meaningful for students, or if not structured with rules and expectations, can discourage students, or the sketchbooks can become neglected.This project is very versatile, so you can adapt it to suit your needs and your style.Here's how it goes: First, create a grid in any size you want, as long as it takes up a whole page in your sketchbook.By filling in one shape at a time, you thus create a visual diary of exactly where you were at that certain intersection of space and time.Start with any shape you want - some people like going in a linear manner, starting from the top left and moving straight across before moving onto the next row.


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