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This will make your Excel workbooks run more like an Access database.

This will make your Excel workbooks run more like an Access database.

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Toggle buttons are either enabled or disabled, allowing you to switch between two states, such as on and off.

Once a button is inserted into your worksheet, you then assign it form or Active X controls to make it perform an action when clicked. If it’s not visible, click “File,” “Options” and then “Customize Ribbon.” Click the “Developer” check box within the Main Tabs list and click the "OK" button when you’re finished.

That might not be the case; maybe the argument is based on a cell value.

But that is OK too; we can dynamically pass a cell value into the macro at the point the button is clicked by assigning a macro using the following syntax.

Whenever the button is clicked, the count of items in the Listbox above it is displayed in a message box. We can pass the worksheet name and Listbox name into the macro as arguments, by doing this, we can use a single piece of VBA code. There are no hardcoded variables within the code; they are passed to the code when it is called.

Lets consider how we can achieve this in the most efficient way possible. Having created a macro with arguments in the previous section, it raises a few new issues when assigning it to a button.Click “Insert” in the Controls group on the Developer tab in Excel.Select “Toggle Button” from the list of Active X Controls.Select “Insert” from the Controls group on the Developer tab.Click the type of option button you’d like to insert.But what if you had lots of buttons, all of which did a similar thing apart from a few different variables, arguments or parameters?One option is writing separate code for each button, or a second option maybe a big If statement to handle the logic for all the buttons.But please don’t do either of those, that would be crazy.To pass an argument to a macro just requires the right syntax when assigning the macro to the button.Click the cell on your worksheet where you want your option button displayed.Format or edit your button properties to make it do something when clicked.


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