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Trade name is the official name of an entity under which the entity carries on business and trademark is the word or symbol used to identify and distinguish the goods and services of that entity.

One can prepare a form of assignment of copyright with the help of a sample assignment form.

Both trademark and trade name rights can be assigned.

Assignor represents and warrants that his/her interest in the contract subject to this assignment is free of liens, claims or encumbrances of any kind by third parties.

Assignment is the transfer of rights or interests in a property.

However, the USPTO does not specify any particular patent forms.

One can prepare a form of assignment of a patent with the help of a sample assignment form.By assigning a trademark, the owner transfers to the other party owners' title, rights, and interest in the trademark.Additionally, assigning a trade name/trademark also relinquishes other rights attached to that trade name, including its logo, and goodwill.An assignment agreement is a document that assigns rights or interests in a property.Assignment of rights over all kinds of property is not recognized by law.If a partnership agreement does not restrict an assignment, a partnership interest can be assigned.Assignment of mortgage is recognized in many states but in order to be valid, the mortgage must be executed according to law and mortgage assignment must be in writing and recorded.A borrower can validly assign his customer accounts to a lending institution for receiving a cash flow advance. It will result in the assignment of rights to receive benefits accruing from that agreement to the party to the contract.An assignment agreement must contain all the basic principles of a valid contract such as free consent, consideration, and capacity of parties.Assignment of copyright is the transfer of interest over a copyright.By copyright assignment, the owner of a copyright transfers to another person the owner's rights and other interest over the copyright.


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