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If you need help during a session, you can invite an additional representative to join you by clicking the Share button in the session tools. You can use Request Help to route your request so that it is targeted at a specific support issue.Only issues that have been configured to allow you to request help display on this list.Alternatively, if your administrator has set up a waiting session rule for this queue, the session either gives an audible and visual alert when it is overdue, or it is transferred to an overflow queue.

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A rejected session is not assigned to the same representative twice unless it is manually transferred into another queue for which that representative is available.

If a session cycles through all available representatives for the queue and is not accepted, it remains in queue until someone manually accepts or transfers it.

If Equilibrium is set up to route incoming support requests based on skills match, sessions are assigned to the best-suited representative available.

When a session enters a queue that has skills-based routing enabled, that session is automatically assigned to the representative with the best skills match.

You can send multiple invitations if you want more representatives from the team to join your session.

Since share invitations are treated like normal sessions, they can be distributed to the best suited representative, or representatives, who can pick them up by clicking on the Get Next button, accepting a Session Assignment Alert, or simply by selecting and accepting a request sent to a queue.The main STEP question (2009 STEP 1 Question 8) is about the intersections of lines and circles. Remember that you can discuss this assignment and get help or hints if you are stuck on the STEP Support discussion forum.There is a discussion of a very similar "Blue eyes" problem here.A created invitation can be associated with a new skill set, priority, and team that have been previously configured by the administrator.When targeted to a support issue, the invitation request uses the Skills, Priority and Issue Description parameters associated with that particular issue.STEP questions are difficult, they are supposed to be and you should expect to get stuck.However, as you tackle more and more STEP questions you will develop a range of problem solving skills (and spend less time "being stuck").This STEP support module introduces the chain rule and asks some questions about coordinate geometry.Support is available on the STEP Support discussion forum. Each STEP Support assignment module starts with a warm-up exercise, followed by preparatory work leading to a STEP question. The warm up for this assignment introduces the chain rule for differentiation, with an explanation of why it works.When the invitation is about to expire, visual and audible alerts warn you.If you reject the invitation or the invitation times out, the session is reassigned to the next best matched representative for that queue.


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