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A 35-year-old sales representative attends the practice for an asthma review.Her medical record notes that she has had asthma since childhood, and although for many months of the year her asthma is well controlled (when she often reduces or stops her inhaled steroids), she experiences one or two exacerbations a year requiring oral steroids.Effective implementation of this recommendation for the lady in this case study is considered from the perspective of a patient, healthcare professional, and the organisation.

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According to Inwald et al (2001) hypoxemia is frequently a primary cause in numerous asthma related deaths.

Jane’s PEWS score (Physiological Early Warning Score) was 4 and indicated a need for urgent medical attention (BTS 2006).

Breathing was the most obvious issue and was the immediate priority. Initially to alleviate some of Jane’s breathlessness she was sat up right in the bed and supported with pillows to improve air entry.

Priority was initially made from assessment of the airways, breathing and circulation, level of consciousness and pain.

Jane’s respirations on admission were recorded at a rate of 28 breaths per minute, she looked cyanosed.


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