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I am in the United States now in order to further my education, improve my English, and make sure that I have the skills to work effectively with business leaders from everywhere in the world...

I come from a land of unparalleled physical beauty but sadly one that is also still struggling to overcome a strict class system that does not reflect the changing values of today’s Argentine people.

I have played soccer in a league for over __ years, and while this pastime is certainly not the focus of my life, the camaraderie and interpersonal skills I have learned from it will last me a lifetime...

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be here in the United States earning my education because I know how easy it would have been for this never to take place.

Perhaps you have not written an essay since your college applications or maybe you write every day, but only for yourself.

Regardless of your writing fitness, we are likely asking a unique question for submission to a unique audience (the admissions committee). There are places I go for inspiration that help me set the stage for creative and focused thought. Sometimes I let my mind wander while swimming laps during my morning workout, sometimes mid-afternoon I walk down the road to a food truck for a giant cookie (yes, food for thought), and sometimes I brainstorm with a colleague. On the flip side, what if I ignored all word limits and keep writing and writing? It might get me noticed and it could get me some style points with readers out there, but how much could I truly express?In my experience one of the best places to learn true leadership skills is on the playing field.There are few situations in this world as intense, fraught with danger, and adrenalin inducing as participating in full-contact competitive sports.I have had the good fortune to work on several teams consisting of disparate people in a corporate setting.While many individuals shy away from trying to bring un-like minded people together, I see it as a challenge in which, if handled carefully, everyone can bring something unique to the group that will ultimately help us move the selected project forward in a more complete manner than if we all had similar ideas and styles... This is the home of my heart even though I relish traveling to other countries and experiencing and learning from other cultures.There are many things to think about when crafting an essay for your MBA application, but I am going to keep it simple and focus on three: 1. Through the many facets of the application, plus the interview, you will have the opportunity to do so.For now, though, the specific essay question you are looking at is your priority.That might also get me noticed, too, but not in a good way.When was the last time you tackled the task of essay writing for an audience?


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