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Anna Pavlova was a’ master at ballerina, and a natural at it too.She entered the Imperial Ballet School at ten, where she worked effortlessly. Guided by discipline, dedication, and tenacity, she channeled her energy to becoming a Russian ballet legend. Module Module ID: Black Beauty First published in 1877, Black Beauty serves as one of the most influential novels in the history of English Literature created by nineteenth century English novelist Anna Sewell.

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The story stars off with Black beauty, a young foal under the care of a kind man called Farmer Grey, who trains Black beauty and the farm in under the ownership of Squire Gordon.

Black beauty is given immense care and affection in the Squire’s household; however, the Squire is selling off his stable and moving away.

Each segment is catered with products that satisfy the customers’ needs and requirements. Anna Tsing -FRICTION: An Ethnography of Global Connection Introduction Friction is about the deforestation of Indonesia after Soeharto's downfall from government.

As an anthropological work, Tsing illuminates her readers as to how connections are made globally that through a network and a chain of reaction the cultural values of the Indonesian rainforests are pulled into the limelight of the world.

The setting shows the different social classes and injustices accompanying social classification.

The rich have sparkling glasses and live a fabulous life while the poor have to endure the hunger and live in cottages.However, it isn't only a dimension of interconnectivity that prevails in Tsing's book but it also explores power dimensions (Neuman 20).There is a power dimension within the global scope that wrests its control over the Indonesian environment, from multinational corporations vying for profit and thick-skinned......It is a literary marvel for all the animal lovers and is also critically acclaimed because of its philosophical component.As mentioned earlier, the story has immense amount of ecological validity and along with shedding light on the plight of animals, it shows the nature of people and also highlights the point that the world is composed of good and evil.7)Therefore, no one can really predict as to what is to come but, one must always remain optimistic about the future. She is the first British most powerful and eloquent female poet, who also participated in liberal politics.This story is truly heartwarming and is suitable for all ages but the most important reason the story really reached out to me was because of the fact that it was the projection of the author’s ordeal and for the deep message it carries for the readers about the world and people, in general. The First Fire symbolizes the initial fire lit at the onset of autumn.s Black Beauty by Anna Sewell Black Beauty is a literary wonder written by Anna Sewell in the year 1877; the story is written in first-person narrative from the perspective of beautiful horse named “Black Beauty”.The autobiographical account of a stallion from his early years as an exuberant little colt to an old horse gives great insight in to the diverse nature of people, who treated black beauty with love, kindness and respect and he also experienced cruelty and harshness.Anna Pavlova Anna Pavlova was the most famous dancer of her time and probably still is the most famous dancer in the world. She was born in 1881 to a laundry-woman and her father’s identity remains unclear.Inspired by a performance she attended of The Sleeping Beauty at Maryinksy Theatre, she decided to become a dancer.


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