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It’s a huge financial commitment, and it’s also super hard work.” Owning and effectively managing a brewpub can be a complicated business.There’s the manufacturing side and everything that goes along with running a brewery, as well as the hospitality side with kitchen staff, servers, customer relations, and more.

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You’re also going to reach people who you wouldn’t have reached before, and I think you can also brew interesting beer.

“I encourage our students to think more open-mindedly about brewpubs,” he says.

Ohio-based Fat Head’s Brewery also recently opened a brewpub in Portland.

John Harris opened his Ecliptic Brewing brewpub in Portland in 2013.

In recent years, a slate of inventive brewpub concepts has opened up in markets across the country.

From the sleek and upscale to concepts helmed by both celebrity brewers and celebrity chefs, brewpubs are not only increasing in stature and ambition, but they also represent a compelling opportunity for many owners in an increasingly competitive market.He says that while the brewpub model has essentially stayed the same, “the competition has changed.” And as a result, the quality of the food programs—and the beer programs, for that matter—has also greatly improved overall.Keeping that quality high with a variety of farm-fresh, seasonal dishes paired with top-notch beers has been key in helping Ecliptic stand out in an increasingly crowded field, Harris says.PHOTO: COURTESY FUNKY BUDDAH BREWERY “My mom wouldn’t go to a brewery with me, but she would go to a brewpub,” says Scott Kerkmans, director at Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Brewing Industry Operations Program, which offers degrees in both brewery operations and brewpub operations.“Brewpubs give you so much flexibility and so many opportunities to showcase your brand that a tasting room just doesn’t offer.Those are encouraging numbers for anyone considering opening a brewpub, and owners can improve their chances of success even further by concentrating on areas where they have expertise while entrusting experienced professionals to run other critical areas.“I think the reason that a lot of brewpubs fail, or breweries for that matter, is that the owners or managers try to do too much themselves,” Kerkmans says.While the term “brewpub” may once have described venues known more for their food, today’s leading edge brewpub operators are proving them to be a compelling outlet for creative expression in food and drink and a compelling business model.Brewpubs have come a very long way since the days of wood-paneled bars, animal heads and beer signs on the walls, and—with notable exceptions, of course—middle-of-the-road beer to match the middle-of-the-road food.Yes it adds a new element of another business to run, but your chances of succeeding in the restaurant business are aided so significantly by having a brewery attached that it’s definitely worth considering.” Information collected by the Brewers Association on the historical success of brewpubs bears this out.According to an article published in the January 2016 edition of The New Brewer, an Ohio State study found that 60 percent of new restaurants close within the first three years, while only 46 percent of the 2,482 brewpubs that have opened in the past thirty-five years have closed.


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