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For example, Brutus spoke in a detached way about Caesar’s death while Antony spoke to the emotions of the crowd by crying and talking about all the good things that Caesar did for Rome.Antony’s intelligence was very apparent throughout the play and Brutus appeared to be naive about many things.Antony was persuasive in the way that he used people to get whatever he wanted.

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He is only fooling himself, because the other conspirators do not share his motives.

The turning point of the play and Brutus’ major tragic flaw concerns his judgment of Mark Antony.

Cassius disagrees and states that Casca just puts on this appearance: “However he puts on this tardy form.

This rudeness is a sauce to his good wit, which gives men stomach to disgest his words with better appetite.” Brutus’ next miscalculation of character involves Cassius’ motives.

Brutus believes that Cassius wants to assassinate Caesar for the good of Rome, while Cassius truly wants power and a Rome not under Caesar’s control.

Cassius manipulates gullible Caesar with flattery of Brutus’ ancestors and of his honor.

He believes he is doing the right thing: what is best for Rome and the Roman people.

The traits that allow him to be a successful private man are the very ones that hurt him in public life.

The letter opens with this quote: “Brutus, thou sleep’st; awake, and see thyself.” Had Brutus been a perceptive man, he would have remembered Cassius telling him to allow others to serve as mirrors.

Brutus’ idealism continues to surface when he does not deem it necessary to take an oath of unity to the cause. If not the face of men, the sufferance of our souls, the time’s abuse if these be motives weak, break off betimes.” Brutus tries to cover the conspiracy with honor and virtue.


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