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You may need assistance putting together the financial information if you don’t have a financial background, but make sure you get an accountant to explain what all the figures mean.Although there is a fairly well accepted structure for a business plan format, there are many ways of putting it down on paper.

” And your challenge is to offer them a preview (remember this is a “summary”) of the benefits of accepting your business plan, while not giving away the whole story. As you can tell, the Business Description section amounts to backstory – and that’s essential to any Business Plan.

Panda Tip: The Executive Summary is all about gaining interest, so that your recipient will keep reading. Business Description This next section gives all the must-have details about your business. ” This is the place for your “origin story.” This section should be just as well-written as the Executive Summary, of course. This is where you tell them where you’re coming from, before you get to “why” you’re in need of an investment, in a nutshell. Mission Statement The Mission Statement section of your Business Plan expands on some of what you talked about in the Executive Summary.

The first thing to do in the Marketing Plan section is to prove that you know your target audience.

Put the research, market analyses, and industry knowledge that you possess to work in this section.

This is a souped-up “elevator pitch,” a couple of pages that summarizes what your business is all about.

Panda Tip: The Executive Summary provides a summary (shocking, eh? Note that, while the entire Business Plan should be well-written, this section must really demonstrate excellent composition and grammar.

Describe them to the finest level of detail possible. Be sure to include: The Products/Services you offer are the core of your business.

You really can’t afford to omit anything relevant here.

In the Business Plan section, you will want to get the reader’s attention by letting them know what you do.

Try to answer some (or all) of the following questions: The Executive Summary is the place to succinctly describe your business.


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