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The plastic is what makes it real, but that's not the whole story behind credit.Today, credit is nothing more than a long string of numbers stored in a computer somewhere.Token identification is a card, password, personal identification number (PIN), etc.

It has already been shown how simple it would be to plant false DNA evidence.

One article even goes so far as to say that "any biology undergraduate can perform this." Victims of identity theft report that it can take a minimum of three to five years to fix an identity theft problem.

Biometric identification works similarly, but you're using your fingerprint instead of a card.

It will still be turned into a string of numbers and run through a computer network.

Authentication is the secure identification of system users.

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The system owner is responsible for determining which authentication method to use among those that may be available for a particular system.

It is because smiling may distort other facial features that are considered essential for biometric identification.

Facial recognition software may not adjust well for smiling subjects because the facial muscles, especially eyes, are different when you are smiling.

To ensure the security and integrity of both University data and data belonging to individuals, all owners of Stanford computer systems and networks must develop and implement access control policies.

This Memo does not describe possible policies nor specify how to choose one; however, systems with non-public resources to protect should have policies that base access control on user identities.


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