Catcher Rye Literary Elements Essay

However, Holden demonstrates his immaturity by partaking in many of the actions that he considers to be phony.

He admits that sometimes it is necessary to take part in these actions and ultimately become a phony in order to exist in the adult world, which is why he is so strongly opposed to it.

Upset, Holden leaves campus and travels to New York City. He makes arrangements with the elevator operator to have a prostitute named Sunny visit his room, but when she arrives, he becomes uncomfortable and tells her that he just wants to talk to her.

Sunny and her pimp, Maurice, demand more money and Holden gets punched in the stomach.

The next day, Holden gets drunk and sneaks into his family’s apartment.

He talks to his younger sister, Phoebe, whom he loves and regards as innocent.It does not matter to us, whether you are too busy at work, concentrating on a passion project, or simply tired of a seemingly infinite flow of assignments.We will take care of them, and for a reasonable price, as we understand that students usually don’t have a lot of money to spare.He has been expelled after failing most of his classes.His roommate, Stradlater, wants Holden to write an essay for him so that he can go on a date.I chose this site for affordable prices and excellent support. People come to us to get assistance with their academic tasks and get just that.We do not ask why you are unable or not willing to do it on your own once you contact us with words like “Help me do my homework.” You must have your reasons, and our main concern is that you end up getting a good grade.I’ve been using their services for a year now, and they have never let me down.When I realized I couldn’t keep up with football practice and essays, I decided to hire someone to complete the homework for me.In the beginning of the story the reader gets the impre... Through the first-person narrative of teenager Holden Caulfield, the novel explores modern alienation and the loss of innocence.


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