Causes And Effects Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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Expensive: Plastic surgery is not cheap and no insurance provider would provide coverage for the same.

So if you are planning to get plastic surgery done, then you should know that you would most likely have to pay for the elective by yourself.

Economy: With more patients opting for either reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery has become transformed into a multi-billion USD industry.

In fact, this market is currently valued $20 Billion last year and it would soon crest $27 billion in 3 years which should give you a good idea as to how profitable this market is and it is set to grow further at an exponential rate.

Psychological disorders: body dysmorphic disorder or BDD as it is called is an actual disorder; patients who are unsatisfied with the way they look often attempt plastic surgery to correct their imagined flaws.

And as a result of this disorder, they are often dissatisfied with the results, which causes depression and even causing a few to take their own lives.And then there’s the issue of psychological disorders and if that was not enough, you may also have to deal with scarring as well.You may also suffer from inflammation post the procedure which is why a long post-operative care is advised.The effects of surgery can at times traumatize the patient both physically and psychologically.One of the most common risks of plastic surgery is scarring. Infections, hematomas, and bleeding are all possible after surgery.With both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery seeing several advancements over the last few years, it has become apparent that plastic surgery is all set to grow even further in the years to come. When cosmetics can not be satisfied with them, they think about plastic surgery. There are many things that a person considering having a procedure should know.Cosmetic surgery has been practiced for many years however, it is dangerous and many people face addiction.Plastic surgery, contrary to popular belief has been in practice over several thousand years; archaeological evidence pointed out that sushrastra practiced rhinoplasty as well as skin grafts around 500 BC.That in itself is telling for it shows that the fascination with our bodies and our desperate need to fit with the commonly accepted view of beauty is not a new modern phenomenon.


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