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Wyndham is also effective at generating in the reader curiosity about the world beyond Waknuk, of which we learn via David’s retelling of fragmented, vague, third-party accounts: aside from the mutations, it is through descriptions, relayed by sailors, of distant wastes of vitrified earth and black ruins that glow faintly in the night, and of the symptoms that afflict those who come near them, that the implication of a long-ago nuclear holocaust is made.A race of humans with telepathic ability is one of the consequences in Wyndham’s post-nuclear future, but this choice undermines what is otherwise an accomplished effort—at least to my mind, telepathy is less convincing than some of mutations he describes.He is allowed to exist because possibility of telepathy has not occurred to the villagers, who have been preoccupied with physical anomalies, causing the mutation to remain hitherto undetected.

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Themes in Chrysalids Summary: Three types of conflicts serve as themes in the novel Chrysalids: Person versus Self, Person versus Society, and Person versus Person.

The first conflict that we will talk about is a Person vs.

In letting David in on her secret, she gains a friend and David learns that people who are different are not really disgusting and evil, something he has been brought up to believe. The community of Waknuk realizes that people have been living with a Deviation in their community all their lives and are frightened because they could not control these people.

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Wyndham is strongest during the pre-flight part of the novel, and makes an excellent job at conveying the nebulous understanding that comes from lack of solid and readily available information.

David’s first person narrative is riddled with rumor, hearsay, and speculation.

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David and company encounter hostile Fringes people, who capture them.

At this point, however, David obtains help from Sophie, a six-toed former childhood friend, long exiled to the Fringes, and they are given sanctuary in a secret forest cave, not far from the mutant settlement.


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