Church Thesis Without Tears

Like a perfect lady, I have kept the tit bit to the last.

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As I told you yesterday, the first essential is the dedication of all that one is and all that one has to the Great Work, without reservation of any sort.Brewer's Guide to Science'; , by having aspirants write to the Master asking questions, the kind of problem that naturally comes into the mind of any sensible enquirer, and getting his answer in the form of a letter. Should you think that any of those will help you in your own problems, a typed copy will be sent to you at once ...Should you want to know anything outside the scope, send in your question (stated as fully and clearly as possible) ...In 1943 Aleister Crowley met a lady who, having heard of his wide knowledge and experience, asked his advice on occult, spiritual, and practical matters.This chance connection resulted in a stimulating exchange of letters.Fortunately they have been preserved and are now included in the introduction to this book.Their original form has been retained with the opening and closing formulae which Crowley used in all his letters. "This plan has been put into action; the idea has been to cover the subjects from every possible angle.Your criticisms of previous experience in the course of your adventures appeared to be singularly sane and just.As I promised I am writing this letter to cover a few practical points which we had not time to discuss and which in any case I think it better to arrange by correspondence.I do not think I am boasting unfairly when I say that my personal researches have been of the greatest value and importance to the study of the subject of Magick and Mysticism in general, especially my integration of the various thought-systems of the world, notably the identification of the system of the so I am putting a copy aside for you in case you should want it. If so, I will let you have them to read, and you can make up your mind as to whether you wish to affiliate to the Third Degree of the Order.I should consequently, in the case of your deciding to affiliate, go with you though the script of the Rituals and explain the meaning of the whole thing; communicating, in addition, the real secret and significant knowledge of which ordinary Masonry is not possessed. that I should undertake them in worthy cases, if pressed.


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