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(I wish there were a nicer sounding way to describe him, because he a great kid – but it is what it is, and he’s happily headed to college, just like his older sister was two years ago.)I’ve read a lot of books, I’ve lurked on many a website, I’ve chatted up college reps at college fairs, gleaned tips from test prep tutors and listened to countless, enthusiastic guides on campus tours.

My kids have applied to schools ranging from the nationally ranked and “highly selective” to the large, state universities that rarely turn a student away.

My involvement level has ranged from near zero (throwing out a few well-researched opinions) to DEFCON Level 2 nagging.

More than a few fellow parents have recently asked me what advice I’d now give to those about to embark on this journey and I’ve listed them here: Establish an organizational system that works well for your student and for you.

Available to all majors/programs in A&S, applicants should be “newly” returning to higher education.

April is here and the dust has settled on college admissions decisions.

It is way too easy to lose important documents in random stacks of brochures.

File folders and spread sheets will be extremely helpful.

What I didn’t know, was how little I actually knew.

I am not a professional college admissions counselor but I ‘ve experienced this process as the parent of two kids on nearly polar opposite ends of the student-motivation spectrum: one responsible, mature and slightly overachieving girl, and one lazy, procrastinating, late-bloomer boy.


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