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In my sixteen years of teaching, I spent plenty of days passionately preparing my students to write persuasively for a variety of audiences.We practiced with prompts about driving ages, open-campus lunch policies, and television and video game violence.The text structure helps us stay organized and tell if your kernel essays grabs a reader’s attention. Below you will find tons of resources to help change your classroom into a kernel classroom!

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Kernel essays and text structures go hand in hand and are the perfect launching point for getting authentic writing out of your students. You tell your students to have that memory painted clearly in their head.

Kernel essays are a simple, fun, and fast way of seeing if we have a story worth telling. Kernel essays and text structures extend to all genres and can be used in many different ways.

The first thing we did was create a framework for grades 7-12 which includes Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions (here is a huge list we share with our teachers), and Focus Standards for each quarter.

Some of these are smoother than others at this point, being October, and having this be the “dress rehearsal,” but we are learning.

Here, NYSED is providing student responses to a "constructed response" question.

By looking at the student work, parents, teachers, and students can gain a better sense of what kind of answers earns students a better score.My next post will focus on strategies you can use with your teachers and students once you have a starting point. This weekend I’m going to share with you our newest writing skills – Compare and Contrast Essays! There was so much to talk about – it took us two days of read aloud time to finish the book.Next, we created purposeful argumentative essay prompts as a diagnostic tool for teachers.We used The New York Times Learning Network (organized by category) to find the prompts we thought best matched the EUs and EQs for the units.My first graders have embraced and internalized my differentiated color-coding posters so much, that I knew they were ready for something more advanced. These two books have a lot of aspects about them that are the same – but they are also very different!We read the following books – two of my *favorite* wordless picture books! I made a BIG deal about hanging up our latest writing anchor chart. The other 1/4 kind of had their mouths hanging open as if they were thinking: You have GOT to be kidding me! Of course, after I explained that we would break it down paragraph by paragraph, those fears went away and they were soon on a roll!!! They simply came up with a topic sentence (green) and then wrote three reasons why these books are similar (blue). Next week, we’re working on ways to spice up our topic sentences and conclusion sentences!We can also look at this work and see what students know and are able to do at different levels.In general, students who answered well on these questions are likely to be at level 3 or 4.The second thing we did was design units of study using Understanding by Design.Teachers have the freedom to use our units, or to create their own as long as the unit outcomes and learning experiences match the level of rigor and engagement for students.


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