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When Antigone buries her dead brother in the story of Sophocles's Antigone, Creon's immediate response is to have her killed and buried in response to the burial and her defiance to his decree.However, when Cain murders his only brother, Abel, " The Lord answered him, ‘No: if anyone kills Cain, sevenfold vengeance will be exacted from him.' The Lord put a mark on Cain, so that anyone happening to meet him should not kill him" (Genesis, ).

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He had the chief cupbearer and the chief baker brought up where they were all assembled.

The cupbearer was restored to his position, and he put the cup into Pharaoh's hand; about the baker was hanged" (Genesis -22).

The city of Thebes had been through a war in which Antigone and her sister Ismene have lost both of their brothers to it, Eteocles and Polyneices.

Eteocles's fighting for Thebes was buried and honored as a hero.

From other passages in Genesis, I assume God means for Cain to live with his feelings of guilt and remorse as punishment for his deeds.

Genesis also has another source of sibling violence and conflict with the story of Joseph.Genesis, as a much larger text than Antigone, also contains smaller violence, such as the story of Cain and Abel, which has one small episode of violence, or the story of Joseph, which contains smaller-scale violence but at a wider range.Why is violence such a strong theme in both of these ancient works?The major moral conflict in Antigone by Sophocles is the conflict over which value is most fundamental.The play presents the moral conflict over whether the god's law or the city's law is more powerful. The conflict arises mainly between the tragic heroes Antigone and her uncle-in-law Creon, King of Thebes.(lines 203-209) The conflict between Antigone and Creon arises when she decides she must honor her brother's death and gives him burial.(line 72) "I myself will bury him," she expressed to Ismene.(lines 24-26) Polyneices was left unburied and dishonored because he is considered an enemy of the city.(lines 27-32) Creon edicts that whoever broke the law by burying Polyneices will be considered a criminal.Once Antigone has buried her brother, she is brought before King Creon to explain her actions. 177) Sophocles presents the two sides of the conflict, moral law versus city law; Antigone expresses the side of moral law and Creon expresses his side with the laws of the city.Antigone begins by telling her sister Ismene it was her duty as a sister that she should bury her dead brother. She also expresses that the king will not "keep me from my own." In other words, duty to the family is above her duty to the city.


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