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Constitution The United States Constitution is based on the self-interest view of human nature. In general society, for example, there are governmental laws in the form of the constitution and the law.

It was created to provide people with a large number of freedoms. There are also rules in the workplace and at school, as well as in less formal environments such as the family.

All areas of life are governed by some sort of rule.

No human community can function effectively without them.

They believed the Constitution specified only what…… The Suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus by President Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson to Virginia Delegates to the Continental Congress, August 1774: A Summary View of the Rights of British America; Instructions. [Manuscript/Mixed Material] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://gov/item/mtjbib000092/ Oaks, D. This gives added guidance in constructing laws and principles for citizens to live by and guide the law of the land. The Constitution of the United States is important for many reasons, including keeping order and law and guaranteeing basic freedoms for the American people. Constitution is a document that can be changed and adjusted but that does include guarantees for specific rights that will not be lost even if those changes and adjustments are made. Johnson's position was that burning the flag was symbolic speech and that, as such, it had First Amendment protections. In essence, the largest failure was the Articles' inability to allow a Federal government to regulate commerce, tax, or impose laws upon the…… 16) The amendments brought to both Constitutions add a higher level of democracy to their principles.

[Read More] Bibliography Antiffederalists." The Reader's Companion to American History. Bill of Rights: a Brief History." ACLU Briefing Paper. with the limitations articulated in the constitution that gives the people some declarative authority in how government is suppose to run then the common man would feel his or her best interest would be represented (Brandes 2009). The American Journal of Legal History, 2(2), 95-116. Without the Constitution, it would be much easier for lawmakers to make changes that might not have value to the people of the country and that could cause them harm by taking away some or all of the rights that they have come to expect. The State of Texas' position was that it had an interest in preserving the flag as a symbol of national unity and maintaining order, and that both of those interests were more important than Johnson's free speech rights. [Read More] REFERENCES and WORKS CONSULTED Amar, a. However, taking the case of gun possessions for instance, the Nevada Constitution grants the right of citizens to poses arms for other purposes aside from self-defense.

The fact that Senators were appointed by the state legislature not only allocated more rights to the states as desired by Southerners, but also further filtered the popular voice, as expressed in the House of Representatives. Constitution: A History." Based on the Introduction by Roger a. What is the importance of the constitution of a national union? In Dahl's description of Madisonian democracy, the theory of a properly-functioning democracy hinges upon a number of hypotheses. Constitution also included many of those Magna Carta rights from the first state constitutions. invocation Bill of Rights American Constitution Magna Carta and American Law." The Baronial Order of Magna Charta. The general legislative process is set forth in the Constitution. It also helps ensure that the troops and resources are readily available in each locality when urgent issues of various kinds result.

The Electoral College system also filtered access to power via the voting box when it came to voting for the executive authority. page=constitution_history_content.html&title=NARA | The Constitution of the United States: A History. Bruns to a More Perfect Union: The Creation of the United States Constitution. Constitution Collective Bargaining -- Labor relations Topic: constitution a national union Essay Question: What importance constitution a national union? How does it dictate the internal government and procedures of the union? All of the hypotheses are dependent on the first, that "if…… Equally important in developing the rights delineated in the Bill of Rights was another 17th century English document, the 1689 English Bill of Rights, which limited power of the monarch, mandated free elections, gave the citizens the right to petition laws they deemed unjust, and created the concept of a system of checks and balances by instituting Parliamentary checks on the monarch's power and authority ("Origins and Foundations of American Government," Everyday Civics, Virginia Department of Education). However, as with other aspects of government, the Framers purposely structured it in this manner so as to allow the American people an opportunity to fill in the details of the outline. Retrieved August 30, 2011, from Protection Clause Linder, D. Levels of scrutiny under the equal protection clause. Retrieved August 30, 2011, from United States Constitution"(1787, September 17) . They can be used for natural disasters, various forms of social control, helping in other times or need, as well as to address more complicated issues like war and terrorism.

hat is interesting to note, is that most of the signers of the Constitution were of the belief that the Constitution was not a perfect document. Of these, one of the largest areas of contention centered around the debate between the Federalists and the Antifederalists. he Founding Fathers appear to have had some trepidation about the idea of changing the Constitution. The Constitution and the legal system as such have immense ramifications, meaning that they come to impact virtually all sectors and domains, including the business scene. Many people thought that it would lead to another form of tyranny just like had been experienced under Britain's rule. The Federal Constitution is the oldest constitution in existence that was drafted by a convention of delegates from the thirteen initial states in May 1787. Then there are the various states, which as done in any proper democratic and Federal State, have their own respective constitutions running. John Locke was political philosopher was the early proponent of social contract theory believing that there were certain inalienable rights that people should enjoy. The senate, arguably a more powerful body has two senate seats for each state while population determines the house seats, with no state having less than one representative. Lloyd "Polybius and the Founding Fathers: the separation of powers" at Electronic Encyclopedia 6th ed. While the criminal may lack in possessing any compassion whatsoever that this complete lack of the ability to have or posses real compassion that resulted in their being sentenced to death is a consideration in the regard given those sentenced to death.

Jefferson believed that it was an imperfect writing, and in fact he wrote, "This constitution was formed when we were new and unexperienced in the science of government..wonder then that time and trial have discovered very capital defects in it." (Jefferson 1979-page 28) That such a document could have survived the test of time and governed a free nation as effectively as it has for over two hundred years shows that, while there may have indeed been defects contained therein, it was still a remarkable and inspired work. [Read More] Constitution There were a variety of political and economic factors that made the ratification of the U. The Federals supported ratification because they believed it was necessary to have a strong central authority. After all, the Constitution was the result of literally years of debate. Johnson, the Court took a significant, but very controversial, step to protect the freedom of speech in the United States. One example in this sense is observed at my current employment place, which is a small size company that provides accounting services to small and medium sized firms in the area. [Read More] References: 2010, Federal regulations prohibiting job description, Environmental Protection Agency, accessed on June 7, 2012 God's Sacred Calendar, Sacred Calendar, accessed on June 7, 2012 How to file an employment complaint, The Official Website of the State of South Carolina, accessed on June 7, 2012 omen, for example, only gained their right of suffrage in 1920 and Article VI of the Constitution of 1876 only gives "male persons" over the age of 21 who have "resided in Texas for at least one year" the right to vote. Pearson Prentice-Hall: New York General Characteristics of the Texas Constitution." Liberal Arts Instructional Services: University of Texas at Austin. Nevertheless, it happened and while power was taken away from the states…… One of the most important parts of both the Massachusetts and Federal constitutions is the preambles that serve as the introduction to both documents. This would mean that State of Indiana being a part of the sovereign nation would abide by the general constitution along with running a constitution of it's own for the stability and prosperity of it's own populous. Locke believed that it was people who created the government, and people could overthrow the government if they failed to protect their rights. [Read More] The truth is that the forefathers were actually quite surprised at the effect that the signing of the Constitution had created in America; at the democratic society and government that resulted after the ratification of the Constitution. "The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand, but each State shall have at least one Representative." Article I Section I thus, creating a check to ensure a reduced possibility of a larger state attempting through political power channels to retain all or most power for itself. Finally, there should be no lack of certainty that the individual being put to death was the perpetrator of the crime committed. The ISSUES & the DEATE[S] The issues and debates surrounding the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the U. Constitution are becoming more heated with each passing day and while the general public…… (1994) the Economic Anatomy of a Drug War: Criminal Justice in the Commons.


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