Creating Problem Solving

T is the stage for tapping and thinking of the problem …

where you apply the practical creativity questions and techniques and find your inspirational ideas.

It is not a result of some easily learned magic trick or secret, but a consequence of your intention to be creative and your determination to learn and use creative-thinking strategies.‘Great minds’ think productively, not magically.

When confronted with a problem, they ask themselves how many different ways they can look the problem, how they can rethink it, and how many different ways they can solve it, instead of asking how they have been taught to solve it.

PSTI is a method that any person, creative or 'not', can use and *will* produce usable results.

An honest attempt at the exercises is necessary - you can't go becoming a body-builder just by picking up a weight one time now, can you?

S is for splitting and squeezing the problem like squeezing an orange to enjoy a cold glass of the juice.

Without splitting and squeezing the orange, how you expect to get the juice?

Perhaps you have a problem that bugs you daily and wish you can solve that problem and have a wildly successful invention!

Perhaps you wondered why some startups and entrepreneurs can have unique ideas that succeed and you can't find one?


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