Creative Writing Grade 3

Prompt 1: Your Uncle Jimmy is famous for the silly gifts he gives on birthdays.Today is your birthday and he really outdid himself this time.

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Prompt 8: You are a candy bar on the shelf in the grocery store. Think about what other items might be in the cart with you. You wake up to go to school one day, but it’s still dark. When you get to school, the teachers are all talking about the sun disappearing. But you never expected to see this on your lunch tray. Anything that isn’t nailed down to the ground is floating all around you. The only thing stopping them from flying into outer space is the ceiling of your bedroom. And by the third month he’d grown too big for your house! Prompt 25: When you woke up this morning you discovered you were in your dog’s bed on the floor and he was snoring in your bed with his head on the pillow!

What do you think happened in the night to make you two change places?

For the purposes of the lesson, pretend that this space is where "Paul" normally sits. They will probably look at you as though you are mad, but continually ask them where "Paul" is today.

Tell them that he normally sits in his space (point to the empty chair) and that he was there yesterday, but he isn't there today. Hopefully someone will make up a reason why "Paul" isn't in today. Continue like this for a while, with the children explaining where he is.

Make a list of these on the board for the children to refer to later.

Now ask the children to make up a new room for the chocolate factory, making sure that they are as descriptive as possible.

Read "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" (by Jon Scieszka) with the children.

This tells the "Three Little Pigs" story from the wolf's point of view.

But when the contest begins, instead of a slice of watermelon, everyone has a fried octopus on her plate. Prompt 28: If you could only eat one food for a whole year, what would it be? Or do you love that particular food so much that you think you’d never get tired of it?

Prompt 31: What do you think would happen if everyone in the third grade was allowed to bring their pets to school for one week? Or do you think there’d be too much chaos and too many problems?


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