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The third question focuses on the use of non verbal signs in both cultures while the last question will ask the difficulties in adapting to American culture if one is from Mexico.Getting adequate answers to these questions will help in understanding the Mexican culture and how communication can be facilitated between an American and a Mexican.Even though there have been continuous erosion of most cultural values, these changes are more pronounced in the younger generation.

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This is attributed to the rate at which technology is transforming the world across borders and making interactions between people of different cultures easier.

The interaction has facilitated erosion of several aspects of people’s cultures.

Starting with the differences, the Mexican culture has a different inclination on what prompts their interest in conversations.

In North America, it is easy to elicit conversations through fairy tales and detective stories as these thrill a significant part of the American communication.

It developed an interdisciplinary approach to the study of texts, images, films, and all related cultural practices.

It offers an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of cultural representations and practices.Cultural changes have been witnessed in most parts of the world.In the current world, it is becoming difficult to maintain indigenous cultures.There are four themes to sociological cultural analysis: 1.Adaptation and Change This refers to how well a certain culture adapts to its surroundings by being used and developed.The first question will ask recognizable differences on how people communicate in America as compared to Mexico.The second question will focus on whether there is equity across gender groups in the Mexican culture.But cultural analysis does not confine the meanings to the disciplinary methods.It allows and requires dialogue across many ways of understanding what people have done and what people are doing through acts, discourses, practices, statements.These elements identified the different cultural groupings back then.Consequently, understanding these aspects and adapting to them represent the greatest challenge for people who work across borders.


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