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A TV can also be a source of education and entertainment.

Educational channels, such as Discovery channel, telecast several interesting programs on topics such as wildlife or solar system.

There are different kinds of media in use today, namely comics, books, radio, television, film, theatre etc.

out of these, the most effective are the television, radio and books.

In our childhood, we gather most of our knowledge and skills from books. The writer writes down their experiences, imaginations, knowledge, explanation etc. Books are the long-lasting protocol to make a bridge among writers and readers. Films are an audio-visual representation and can catch the attention of people from different geographical locations, races and cultures.

A good film can shape someone's morality and doctrine and the film-makers with their huge amount of money, are so careful to make their films realistic and eye-absorbing.

Add any point you think we have missed in the comment section at the end of this article.] Communication media plays a vital role in today’s world.

It enables us to stay informed of the happenings in the entire world, provides access to real-time information, and entertains us.

Television, or TV for short, is an electronic device that enables us to see and listen at the same time to an act that has been recorded. News on a TV enables us to view the current events occurring in different parts of the world.

Video of an event can be telecasted live as it happens through remote satellite links.


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