Descartes Proof For The Existence Of God Essay

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Anselm, an Archbishop, was the first to propose the Ontological argument which was included in the second and third chapters of his book ‘proslogion’, a book written as a prayer and/or meditation to reflect on the attributes of God and not originally to prove the existence of a God. Middle A statement is analytically true if the clauses or predicates within the statement say something necessarily true of all instances of the subject and Descartes maintained existence belonged analytically to God as three angles were analytically predicated of a triangle. s argument can be applied to other non-accepted arguments.

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Descartes' solution is to bring God into the picture.

By proving that God is the cause of our clear and distinct perception, and that, further, God is perfect in every way and thus no deceiver, he will be able to secure lasting certainty for clear and distinct perceptions. Descartes gives at least two arguments for God's existence.

Formal reality is the reality that anything has in virtue of existing. Formal reality comes in three grades: infinite, finite, and mode. An idea, insofar as it is considered as an occurent piece of thought, has modal formal reality (since any particular thought, as we will see later, is just a mode of mind).

God is the only existing thing with infinite formal reality. Ideas, however, also have another kind of reality, unique to them.

When considered in their relation to the objects they represent, ideas can be said to have objective reality.

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There are three grades of objective reality, precisely mirroring the three grades of formal reality.

The Ontological Argument is also deductive and analytic as the premises of a deductive argument contain the conclusion that it reaches and is structured so that its conclusion is the only possible one that could be deduced from its premises.

As it is analytic it is true by definition alone and therefore this argument reaches conclusions about the existence of God based on the definitions of God used in its previous premises.

The amount of objective reality contained in an idea is determined solely on the basis of the amount of formal reality contained in the object represented by the idea.

Descartes begins the argument by making the controversial claim that we all have an idea of God as an infinite being.


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