Describe The Ideal Parent-Child Relationship Essay

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Some children would be delighted and warmly embrace the parent; others would appear to be indifferent, withdrawn, hostile, uncertain or confused.The kind of response the child had led the psychological observers to develop the attachment categories of secure, insecure-avoidant, insecure-resistant and disorganized.

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In the first few years of life, a child with a secure attachment can learn how to balance separation and reunion.

She is unafraid when she gets separated from her parents, trusting that they will be back for her.

Her mother, to her anger, insists that her Chinese side will always exist.

Victor Joseph’s story, on the other hand, starts with the loss of the father he has never been close to.......

I wanted to enrich their environment in order to boost their self-esteem and their confidence.” This reflects Vygotsky’s (1978) theory of learning where it is believed that children learn within a ‘zone of proximal development’ (ZPD) or the distance between a child’s independent problem-solving level and that obtained under adult guidance or in collaboration with more capable peers (Wertsch, 1985).

It is the space between what a child can do by himself and a more challenging level that he can achieve with help from someone.In the case of Julie and her sister, their parents provided ‘scaffolds’ or temporary supports in the process of learning which are gradually taken away when the children are already capable of learning without them.Most common conflicts/disagreements/challenges between parent and child Anthony remembers Julie as a very well-behaved child so there weren’t much conflicts or disagreements between them.I’ll use the idea for my own sample....parenting approaches utilized with emerging adolescents.Thesis Statement Style of parenting affects the behavioral outcomes of an individual from infancy to the period of adolescence.On the other hand a child with an insecure attachment to his mother manifests panic, anger and a desperate search for her, thinking that she will never come back.When the mother returns, a host of responses may be observed of the child.Brian Retterer Number: English 204 Kline The representation of parent-child relations in the Iliad The relationship between parents and children is a major theme or issue of consideration in the ILIAD.This paper will discuss how the parent-child relationships in iliad are presented.The misbehaviour that Julie displayed was a manifestation of her growing up into a young lady who wants to prove that she is capable of making her own (“Relationship Between Parent and Child Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words”, n.d.) Retrieved from (Relationship Between Parent and Child Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)“Relationship Between Parent and Child Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.


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