Distribution Of Condoms In High Schools Essay

While some districts have considered such programs and decided against them, Proponents claim that these programs provide adolescents with greater access to condoms, create a social environment in which suggesting condom use to a sex partner is easier and decrease the number of unprotected sexual acts.Opponents, however, argue that such programs lead students to believe that schools condone their engaging in sexual activity, and thus encourage students to have sex.On the other hand, female respondents showed no significant change in their condom use.

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Distribution Of Condoms In High Schools Essay

The condom availability program appears not to have produced an increase in sexual activity among high school students, and it appears to have led to improved condom use among males.The survey covered lifetime history of vaginal intercourse, as well as history of vaginal intercourse during the prior year; for other sexual activity, questions covered experiences during the prior year.For some statistical analyses, we divided students into those who had ever had vaginal intercourse and those who had not.During the first year of the program, between 1,800 and 2,000 condom packets were taken each month, and almost no money was collected.Forty-eight percent of students reported that they had personally taken school condoms during the school year, and an additional 5% had not personally taken school condoms but had obtained them from another student.While making condoms available in high schools has provoked much debate, evidence on the actual effects of such programs on students' attitudes and behavior is sparse.Prior to implementation of a condom availability program in a Los Angeles County high school, 1,945 students in grades 9-12 (98% of eligible students) completed a self-administered anonymous survey on their sexual behavior and on related knowledge and attitudes; one year later, 1,110 students (59% of eligible students) completed a follow-up survey.The apparent strong effect on students' intention to use condoms and on males' use at first vaginal intercourse suggests that such programs may have a particular impact on the least sexually experienced adolescents.Family Planning Perspectives, 1998, 30(2):67-72 &88 Across the United States, schools and school districts have been establishing condom availability programs in response to fears about HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy among teenagers.The program, which began in April 1992, consisted of making available to students plastic packets containing two male condoms, an instruction sheet and a card warning that "Condoms are not 100% effective in preventing AIDS/HIV, sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy during sexual intercourse. Implementation of the program was publicized within the school.The district had an existing ninth-grade health curriculum that covered sexual behavior and risk prevention and an AIDS Awareness Week that included assemblies and other educational programs.


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