Diversity In The Workplace Research Paper

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Thus, workplace diversity is not just a politically correct fad - it is a serious competitive advantage.

A workplace that reflects the diversity in society will provide the employer with better understanding of its clients and allow it to offer more adequate services.

Moreover, a pool of talents and skills created thanks to workplace diversity will make it possible to reach consumers in more markets around the world and help the business on its way to globalization.

A diverse workplace also supplies organizations with a wider range of solutions to all kinds of problems.

The variety of individual talents and experiences in a diverse workplace provides managers with more flexible ideas, which can help the business adapt to changing markets and consumer demands.

By integrating diversity at all levels and in all organizational processes, businesses can create a balanced and productive workplace, which will help them in attracting and retaining talented and skilled employees.

Better hiring practices will in turn lead to savings in recruitment as well as training costs, while also allowing organizations to maintain knowledge and expertise.

Workplace diversity is now something most companies strive to achieve. Is it just about improving a company’s reputation and promoting inclusion at the workplace?

While your company’s reputation and workplace inclusion are definitely important goals worth pursuing, workplace diversity has many other immediate and tangible benefits related directly to your company’s bottom line.

Companies who have greater workplace diversity outperform their competitors and achieve higher profits!

Diversity in the workplace means that a company employs a wide range of diverse individuals.


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