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The bulls didn’t needfully care for Sal or anyone at that place. I don’t like traveling to the park and holding some cats say. First, we are presented with scenes that reflect the daily life of the characters: their attitude, their work, and their behavior.We can know the characters and recognize ourselves in some of their attitudes, their dialogues.The people were angry at Sal for stating the n-word but they didn’t travel against Sal. Then the constabulary came in and everything went up in fires. One of the best movies of time is the “do the right thing” produced, written and directed by Spike Lee back in 1989.Does Spike Lee ( the manager ) think that all force is bad or merely certain force is? After reading Martin Luther King’s quotation mark I thought it was all force ; after reading Malcolm X’s quotation mark I got the message that some force is all right. Sal’s pizza shop traveling down in fires is symbolic of the fact that people merely destruct each other. the face of the oppressor ( The white adult male ) is thrown on every white organic structure and person with the face of the oppressor is oppressed. there’s a line ( Not from this film ) that goes “You become the monster so the monster will non interrupt you” . And in this instance the laden ( The black community ) gets so fed up ( Throughout the full film. In his movie, Spike Lee shows us a very fresh and dynamic panorama setting that would wipe out an exhaustive analysis of the issues above.The viewer, as he progresses through the plot, observes the characters from their most humanly challenging state to the most vulnerable.The “noooo” is with regard to radio Rahiem’s decease. Let’s assume that the movie is about the cyclical nature of force.


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