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Drug Addiction In Essay Online Essay Correction

Problems in the family, bad company, competition at work and lack of proper guidance and support from parents or teachers can often lead to drug abuse. A child stands a high chance of falling prey to drug abuse if either of his parents has been under the influence of the same.Here is a look at these and also the ways to curb this problem.Reasons for Drug Abuse Many people have problems in their family.This is because those areas in their brain that are responsible for self-control, judgement and decision making are still in their development stage.This is the reason why teenagers are more prone to drug abuse.Drug abuse particularly impacts the brain and can also lead to other health issues such as kidney failure and heart problem.Here are essays on Drug Abuse of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.Here is a look at these: There are many factors that can trigger a relapse.Medications are being developed to control these triggers.It is difficult to recover from this problem and even those who do stand a high risk of developing it again.People usually take to drug abuse in order to curb the stress caused due to the following: Besides, it can also be a genetic problem.


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