Drum Major Audition Essay

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However, the best part of Coach Wooden’s success is not the astounding number of wins throughout his career, instead it is the foundation upon which he built his program.

These leadership principles are best summarized in his “Pyramid of Success,” which can be found at his website:

While the band is rehearsing the director will give the directions and the Dum Major on the center podium will repeat the instructions for the band to hear before the next rep starts.

In this way, the students are able to hear the director’s comments twice before continuing with rehearsal to increase effectiveness and understanding.

Coach Wooden was a legendary basketball coach at UCLA, where he won an unprecedented 10 NCAA National Championships.

In fact, seven of his national titles were consecutive wins!

The Drill Instructors’ role is to assist the Section Leaders and help fix any visual inconsistencies during the performance. Questions keep coming to mind about whether they are qualified or know enough to be drum major for their band. Aaron Copland talks about this in his book, What to Listen for in Music.

The key concept for the Allen Student Leadership Team is to be effective and communicative. The idea of being the top or one of the top leaders of the band is one that can be exciting and/or overwhelming. He says that this kind of hearing for the “sheer pleasure of the musical sound itself” is the simplest way of listening. These are some of the questions that someone who is actively listening to music is going through in their mind as they listen.

Coach Wooden’s core values include: industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, and enthusiasm.

He puts these values at the base of the pyramid, in the order you see below.


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