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Throughout the film she speaks directly to the camera (a stand-in for the viewer), confessing, reflecting, and even bantering to the viewer behind the lens. Shocked from the sudden blow of her diagnosis, and not having had time to fully process the situation and assess her options, Dr.

The film’s opening scene progresses at a rapid pace. Bearing agrees to participate, hesitantly glancing down at the first page of the protocol before signing her name.

Because she is part of a clinical study, the film is set in a research hospital and focuses on Professor Bearing’s musings, reflections, and flashbacks as well as her interactions with her primary care providers.

After the diagnosis scene, the viewer is introduced to Professor Bearing’s other contrasting primary care providers: the bumbling, awkward, research-minded resident, Dr.

The audience sees that, just as she looks at words and studies them, so she is being studied by the doctors.

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Her reflections reveal that she could have done more to create a life, instead of just analyzing it. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

These scenes transport Professor Bearing through time and space. Through scenes portraying various aspects of clinical evaluations, medical tests and cancer treatment, the film artfully crafts the identity of the characters pulling the viewer toward a deeper understanding of each person’s struggles individually and with each other as the film progresses.

In a central flashback Professor Bearing returns to her time as a timid undergraduate being chastised by her professor, the prolific scholar of seventeenth century poetry, Dr. After a stepwise and measured decline, Professor Bearing’s life ends in a moment of chaos.

In her 1991 play, Wit, Margaret Edson examines the internal life of an English professor suffering a terminal illness.

As the professor nears the end of her life, she starts to ask hard questions about what she did wrong and also what comes next. Before making its way to the New York stage, the show had openings in California and New Haven, Connecticut.


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