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Trust and parental participation are also features of a successful school.Trust between all parties of the school community is vital for enhancing the school's effectiveness because it supports the prospect that parents and teachers believe in each other's motives and actions.There are five common attributes that make up an effective school. Leadership The first attribute is quality leadership.

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This is the rationale behind the concept of schools-within-schools.

Students in smaller learning environments feel more connected to their peers and teachers, pass classes more often, and are more likely to go to college.

Respect is a quality that is promoted and is a fundamental aspect of an effective and safe school.

Successful schools also have a number of trained staff and programs, such as social workers, who work with difficult or troubled students before situations get out of hand.

Schools that find creative ways to extend learning time will likely be more effective.

Furthermore, schools with high-quality teachers also tend to be more effective.

Students who want to pursue studies in the humanities would need a mathematical education grounded in statistics and graphical representation, because this focus will be more relevant and prevalent during their postsecondary education career.

Students who intend to pursue a career in engineering or applied physics, for example, would have completely different needs, such as a greater focus on calculus and highly theoretical mathematical concepts like number theory.

Schools-within-schools involve creative use of the same teaching workforce to provide additional opportunities for learning for smaller groups of students or specialized teaching to students who require extra attention.

This environment could be created in the form of divided streams for mathematics education.


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