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First, electronic media contributes to the advancement of the business environment.Through the different media such as emails, fax and virtual team rooms that are efficient, employees within a company can collaborate and pass i nformation regarding projects in an economically and time-saving manner, even when situated in different parts of the world.

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Moreover, the media promote communication through entertainment.

Through televisions, people can watch movies, programs, documentaries, music videos and sports that not only entertain them but also expand their knowledge about various cultures, wildlife, and other nations.

In short, electronic media can make a lot of difference to our society if it only wishes to do so.

Communication is the passing of information by utilizing various media among them electronic media.

Also, it allows them to voice their views on various laws, push agendas and campaigns that bring about change.

Through electronic media, the citizens can maintain democracy.“Total Noise,” Only Louder Why the revolution will not be tweeted Instagram has created a new kind of voyeurism and a new kind of lifestyle envy Self-Organized, Hyper-Networked Revolts – Coming to a City Near You What are memes and how do they work Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband. Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up An inquiry into one recent scandal reveals how kids think about sexting – and what parents and police should do about it There should be a word for that feeling you get when an older person shames him or herself by telling young people how to live…The end is nigh A Journey Into the Social Media Lives of Teens Kids today. Furthermore, through these media, employees can exchange ideas in various forums further promoting their work.Additionally, through the internet, stakeholders and business managers can conduct meetings via videos with other individuals all over the world.Electronic Media has become very strong these days. Electronic media influences the opinions of people. The electronic media tries to keep people informed about every thing. The electronic media can help people to relieve their sufferings and hardships. The electronic media is playing a great role in our country. The electronic media brings out the news and views about all the important issues. Electronic media is, in fact, a powerful means of check and balance. The officials, government departments and ministries try to do good things. It can bring about a positive change in the society if it understands its responsibilities.Secondly, electronic media promotes marketing for businesses by employing them as tools for communication.It helps the company to incorporate various media to communicate their products such as through internet, email, texts, and videos among others. The electronic media has become very strong these days.The electronic media can help the culprits to the book.


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