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After taking a look around town, and finding out through other sources, such as Corries radio, it soon becomes clear that their little town of Wirawee has been one of the first towns to be captured to the forces of an overseas army.After much tough decision making, the group return, to plan their next move, and recuperate in the safety of Hell.There were many important characters in the film who inspired me to think about many valuable things about life.

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They succeed in their plan, thanks to their resourcefulness and their intimate knowledge of the town.

Upon regrouping, they discover that Corrie has been shot, and this is the least of their troubles.

When the war began, Ellie was mentally In the novel, Tomorrow when the war began, by John Marsden, there are seven main teenaged characters.

One of the character, Homer Yannos, used to be a wild and crazy teenager. “The guy who wasn’t even trusted to hand out textbooks at school” (, p101).

Title: Tomorrow when the war began Author; John Marsden Publisher; Mac Millian Publishers First Printed in; 1993Available from; Most book shops and Library's Ellie has a story to be told about her and her six friends: Homer, Fiona, Lee, Robyn, Corrie and Kevin.

In the beginning, Ellie and her close friends are camping in the outback of Australia, affectionately known as 'Hell'.

They're shocked, they're frightened, they're alone. The point is proved by the many examples of ordeals and horror Ellie and her friends faced In thew Tomorrow When The War Began John Marsden With reference to John Marden's Tomorrow When The War Began, discuss the ways in which particular issues, themes, or attitudes are conveyed via the medium of the literary text.

John Marsden's Tomorrow when the war began is a gripping work of fiction.

Things take a turn for the worst when upon arriving home, Ellie's house is deserted.

Her fears are realized when she finds the working dogs dead, still chained to their kennels and the power and phone cut off.


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