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Sam refined his horizon of leafless branches reaching up like grasping hands (one of my favorite elements of the poster), and even created his own stylized laurels for the film’s many accolades.Early in the process, Sam had shown me a bunch of Penguin crime paperback covers (many of them the work of Polish emigré Romek Marber) that he was looking at as a possible direction for the poster.Swierzy, one of the greats, plays here to my love of color and geometry, and also to the Polish trend of facial abstraction. A celebration of the art of printing, one layer screenprinted on top of the other.

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(100% Orange hasn’t done much other movie artwork, but they did create wonderful illustrations for this (Japan, designer unknown, 1966) “Representing the beautiful montage compositions found in Japanese poster design.One of my favorites of his early comps featured nothing but a thicket of wintry trees silhouetted against a teal blue sky, and, above the title, that ominous bird.But much as we loved it as a piece of art we felt that the poster needed its titular character or it wouldn’t really be telling you enough about the film (unlike the great Czech and Polish designers, we can’t afford to be quite so oblique).This poster, which ironically reminds me of some of the overly simplistic Minimalist Movie Posters (MMPs) going around online today, was quickly recalled by Warner Bros. Represented behind the scenes here are posters for (Japan, Kenji Oikawa/Kiyoshi Tsukamoto, 2011) “Representing all contemporary poster artists that I love.100% Orange is a Japanese illustration powerhouse whose posters are always distinctive and iconic.Ziegler created many iconic posters but the psychedelic collage style of this poster is just beautiful.Czech poster art often gets overshadowed by Polish poster art but historically they're every bit as abstract and gorgeous.You can see that a couple of them clearly influenced our final look.Going beyond the call of duty, Sam also made a smaller, pared-down screenprint version of his design which was printed at Kangaroo Studios in his home town of Nashville, TN.A tough challenge for sure, but Sam rose to it and then some. Making this top ten poster list was heavenly torture!You can definitely see where Sam is coming from aesthetically in his superb selection below. I picked off the cuff, which helped me hone in on the posters that have always mattered to me most. (recalled US teaser, designer unknown, 1992) “Representing the movie posters that captured my childhood imagination.


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