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Whether the essay you are asked to write requires a textual, comparative, historical or ethnographic approach, or some mixture of each, your first task is to make sure that you understand the question and how it relates to the course material.

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India has been one of the oldest continuous civilization, till date.

Substantiate your claims with arguments and evidence, avoid over-reliance on particular texts, critically evaluate your sources, demonstrate awareness of different points of view, and be sure to anticipate counter-objections to your claims.

Your conclusion should draw together all of your arguments and demonstrate how they support the original thesis set forth in your introduction.

The academic study of religion requires more than knowledge of individual texts, beliefs and practices, and may draw upon fields as diverse as history, sociology, anthropology, hermeneutics, and linguistics.

For this reason, your instructors will expect you to familiarise yourself with and be able to employ a variety of different theories and methods.

Any religious experience, be that of Christ or Ramakrishna, is personal and subjective and it cannot be tested by any experiment. On the other hand, the experiment of science is an impersonal venture.

As the words ‘experience’ and ‘experiment’ connote, the worlds of religion and science are poles apart.

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