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Most children will master mathematical concepts and skills more readily if they are presented first in concrete, pictorial and symbols.For example manipulatives are concrete objects used to teach a concept.

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Cooperative groups provide students a chance to exchange ideas, to ask questions freely, to explain to one another, to clarify ideas in meaningful ways and to express feelings about their learning.

These skills acquired at an early age will be greatly beneficial throughout their adult working life.

Everyone is capable of learning, but may learn in different ways.

Therefore, lessons must be presented in a variety of ways.

These learners today ask questions why something is done this way or that way and why not this way?

Whereas years ago learners did not question the why of math concepts; they simply memorized and mechanically performed the operations needed. Therefore, math needs to be relevant to their everyday lives. To learn mathematics, students must be engaged in exploring, conjecturing, and thinking rather than, engaged only in rote learning of rules and procedures.For example, different ways to teach a new concept can be through play acting, cooperative groups, visual aids, hands on activities and technology.Learners are different than they were forty years ago.Three practices that are a regular part of the traditional mathematics classroom and cause great anxiety in many students are imposed authority, public exposure and time deadlines.Although these are a regular part of the traditional mathematics classroom cause great deal of anxiety. Consequently, there should be more emphasis on teaching methods which include less lecture, more student directed classes and more discussion.Parents should show their children how numbers are successfully used by them in positive pleasant ways, such as in cooking, sewing, sports, problem solving in hobbies and home repairs.Math must be looked upon in a positive light to reduce anxiety.Mathematics anxiety has been defined as feelings of tension and anxiety that interfere with the manipulation of numbers and the solving of mathematical problems in a wide variety of ordinary life and academic situations Math anxiety can cause one to forget and lose one’s self-confidence (Tobias, S., 1993).Research confirms that pressure of timed tests and risk of public embarrassment have long been recognized as sources of unproductive tension among many students.Today, the needs of society require a greater need for mathematics. Math must be looked upon in a positive light to reduce math anxiety.


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