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the media decides what is imperative in terms of setting the national agenda and what to do to affect the public opinion about candidates.A major way the media manipulates the public opinion is by making the public aware of certain facts in regard to government choices and information.

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The public believes that the issues that the media goes through the most are the most important.

For instance, if the media lays emphasis on health care or gun control, that is what the public is going to believe is most important.

This primary source, even though it is so important, has a vast influence on what the public thinks about certain things, about politics, and public opinion.

In addition, the media gives the public an idea of what is important and who is important.

Once the public considers a certain topic to be of major concern, it is then initiated into the legislature quickly.

The media has the power to make an impression that particular issues are of more importance as compared to others.The media influences the public opinion by agenda setting also.Since there are a lot of rising concerns in America, the media has to chose which ones they will go over.The media also manipulates public opinions by their capability to express their views in a certain tone to their viewers.Most of the times, a news agency’s personal opinions are expressed in their reviews and articles.A major part of America has a negative, doubtful and cynical view of the government.The news agencies also change voting opinions because the media persistently attacks the public with negative connotations of the candidates and campaign agencies.if the media would not do what it does, it would take forever for the entire nation to get educated on whats happening in the country and about political events.Nowadays, it is very easy to get instant updates on governmental processes because of the internet, radio, television and other communication technology.The most peculiar way the media manipulates the public opinion is by portraying the characteristics of the candidates via TV and radio.The media has set forth certain expectations from candidates like good looks, good speaking skills to large groups of people.


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